Volvo Agrees to Follow WWF Standards for Fighting Climate Change

Many businesses are promising to cut carbon emissions and reduce their environmental impact. Promises like that are appealing to Earth-conscious San Francisco Bay area residents. Conservation is more than just part of the culture here -- if climate change isn't stopped, a huge chunk of the San Mateo and Burlingame shoreline will be underwater by the end of the century!*

The problem with company promises to cut CO2 is that they often are not ambitious enough, and progress made is self-reported. To make the bold strides that are necessary, Volvo has joined the World Wildlife Fund's Climate Savers program.

Participation in Climate Savers means Volvo must hold itself to standards set by the WWF, and allow its results to be audited by independent experts.

To reach their greenhouse-emissions goals, the Swedish automaker is investing heavily in producing new Volvo hybrids, and streamlining manufacturing. Volvo Group will also be taking steps to make urban mobility more efficient by electrifying its commercial bus products.

Visit Volvo of Burlingame to test drive a vehicle from the only Climate Savers member in the auto industry.


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