Is A Little Crack in My Windshield Dangerous?

A crack in your windshield is not dangerous, provided you're not driving anywhere. A crack can occur at any time, to anyone. Debris, including twigs, glass, rubber, and rocks and metals, can all fly in the air, picked up by the car's tires ahead of you. It can hit your windshield, and a crack can appear.

This crack may look innocuous. It may be just a chip out of the glass. But what has happened has weakened your windshield, and further stress can crack and shatter the windshield with disastrous consequences. It is wisest to replace the windshield immediately.

We can help you replace a chipped, cracked, or broken windshield with auto glass that is the same as the original part. It will be authentic window glass that is made specifically for your make and model, and will fit perfectly. It will be just like new; we have all the parts and experience necessary to complete the job. Give us a call, we can be there pronto!

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