The New Volvo XC40: The Perfect Blend of Beauty And Practicality


As far as beauty goes, Volvo already has an upper-hand. I mean, have you seen the ergonomically designed, serene Swedish interiors of new Volvo cars and SUVs? Or how about the sleek exterior styling of new Volvo vehicles? The Volvo XC40 doesn't stray from Volvo's tradition of designing beautiful cars. But it's also admittedly edgier, funkier, and more modern than any Volvo ever released.

Volvo XC40 Buying Experience

Alongside releasing the new XC40, Volvo has rolled out a new vehicle acquisition program that will allow people to get themselves into a new Volvo vehicle as easily as it is for them to get a new phone. The new subscription service, which charges a flat fee, is called Volvo Care.

Interested in learning all about the new Volvo XC40 SUV or the revolutionary new Volvo Care program? Contact or visit Volvo Cars Burlingame today.

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