Reading Tire Sizes Is Easier Than You Might Think

Since your tires are what make contact with the road while you drive it is only natural that they would suffer from some of the heaviest wear and tear out of all of the systems on your vehicle. At some point you will be faced with having to replace them. When that time comes it is helpful to know how to read the size that is printed on the sidewalls.

This can be an intimidating thing if you have never learned how to break down the code, but once you get it figured out it really isn't that difficult, and you will then be able to decode any tire size after that.

As an example, if a tire size is listed as P215/55R17 then that breaks down as:

  • P = Passenger type tire
  • 215 = Tire width. This tire is 215 millimeters wide.
  • 55 = Aspect ratio. This tire's height is 55% of its width.
  • R = Radial construction.
  • 17 = Wheel diameter. This tire would fit on a 17" wheel.

As you can see, there really isn't anything too difficult with this code once you have it explained to you. If you have any more questions on tire sizing just ask one of the experts here at Volvo Cars of Burlingame in Burlingame, CA.

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