Signs Car Belts and Hoses are Close to Failing

One of the ways you can avoid your vehicle overheating and breaking down on the side of the road is to carefully pay attention to the condition of the belts and hoses around the engine. Here are some warning signs these parts might be close to failing.

The hoses carry coolant to many parts of the engine, so if they burst or leak, those parts could fail. Warning sides of a failing hose are splitting or cracking in the rubber. Feel the hoses for soft spots or bulges too.

Belts need to be in top shape to power parts like the fan or water pump. Failing belts will appear to have splits and cracks in the rubber, and make a loud squealing sound when the engine is running.

Don't ignore these warning signs, bring your vehicle to Volvo Cars of Burlingame at the first signs the belts or hoses in the car are failing.

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