Tips for Safely Avoiding a Tire Blowout in Your Car

The best way to reduce the chances of a tire blowing out on your vehicle is to start paying closer attention to the warning signs. Here are signs the car tire may be closer to failing than you think.

Look closely at the treads on the tire more often. By looking at the tires once a week, you could spot things like bulges, cracks, or obstructions in the tire, all which could lead to a tire failure.

There is a recommended tire pressure on each tire for a reason. Low tire pressure could lead to a blowout, so take action when the pressure indicator goes off in your car. If your vehicle does not have these indicators, use a tire gauge and check the tires first thing in the morning.

Get the car to our service center at Volvo Cars of Burlingame for a tire inspection and we will schedule tire rotations from here out to ensure the treads life is extended.

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