What are Gaskets?

There are a number of components that keep your engine together and make it run efficiently. For one, the engine block and cylinder are held together by a head gasket. This is a piece of fitted metal that has holes bored through it that fit around the pistons. The gasket forms a seal for the engine and cylinder, allowing it to compress.

However, compression can cause cracks or other holes over time, which leads to a blown head gaskets. If you notice that your engine isn't give you enough power or you see your engine's temperature getting extremely hot, you likely have a blown gasket.

Once the seal breaks between your engine and cylinder head, you will start to have more problems, and your car will stall. You should have your gaskets checked if your car is older. If you want to get great service, you should stop by Volvo Cars of Burlingame located in Burlington, CA.

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