The Beautiful Volvo V90

Who says that wagons aren't stylish? The new Volvo V90 is the epitome of style and sophistication. The popular luxury wagon is available at Volvo Cars of Burlingame. It is beautifully designed to turn heads wherever you go in Burlingame.

The shape of the V90 is very aerodynamic. The wagon is long and features subtle slopes. When you look at the vehicle from the side, you can see a continuous curve that starts from the hood and extends up to the rear spoiler. The liftgate features a dramatic angle that complements the overall shape of the front-end. This design isn't just for looks. It also helps to reduce drag while you're driving.

Many stylish accents are also available. You can get chrome trim around the side mirrors. The material is also used to cover the dual exhaust pipes in the back. On the front, you can find it on the large and aggressive grille.

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