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Prevention is the Best Option

You're driving along and your check engine light comes on. What now? The best thing you can do is to get it checked out as soon as you possibly can. If you ignore the problem, it won't just go away and chances are the problem will just get much worse. Just be sure that you aren't confusing your check engine light with your service engine light, which simply means that your next oil change is due. Many times, the check engine light just means something minor is at hand, like a loose gas cap, or even humidity…

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Is A Little Crack in My Windshield Dangerous?

A crack in your windshield is not dangerous, provided you're not driving anywhere. A crack can occur at any time, to anyone. Debris, including twigs, glass, rubber, and rocks and metals, can all fly in the air, picked up by the car's tires ahead of you. It can hit your windshield, and a crack can appear.

This crack may look innocuous. It may be just a chip out of the glass. But what has happened has weakened your windshield, and further stress can crack and shatter the windshield with disastrous consequences. It is wisest to replace the windshield…

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Regular Maintenance for Your Vehicle

If you love your vehicle, and even if you don't, regular maintenance and service is important for many reasons. Not only does it prolong the life of your vehicle and help keep you safe, but it also helps to maintain the vehicle's value over time. Oil changes and basic tune-ups should be done on a consistent basis. Other factory recommended services should be scheduled and performed on time.

If you service and maintain your vehicle regularly, you will have fewer surprises and unexpected costly repairs. It is a good idea to keep all receipts associated with maintenance of…

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Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

Oil changes are usually the first form of maintenance that we perform on our vehicles after we purchase them. We want to ensure that we get the most from our vehicles and scheduling oil changes are essential to their long-term health. It is important to know whether to use synthetic oil or conventional in your vehicle and it is also important to know the difference between the two.

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Regular oil changes for big improvements

Achieve balance for your car equilibrium with regular oil changes in addition to other typical maintenance. The overall performance of your car is related to establishing an equilibrium between all the running components in the car. When one part of the system stops working or goes into disrepair, it can often lead to further problems down the road which are often more costly and likely to disable to vehicle until full repair.


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Just how important is a vehicle maintenance schedule?

Your car isn't just a big hunk of metal. It's your (in some cases only) way of getting around. Due to this fact, it's crucial that you keep your car running, and in good condition. A vehicle maintenance schedule is a very useful resource to use toward doing just that. Most every auto manufacturer will provide a schedule for what services your car needs, based on how many miles you've driven it. After a certain amount of miles, different parts of your car wear down and need to be replaced.


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Some Volvo Service Reccomendations from Volvo of Burlingame

Buying a new car is an exciting experience, especially when it's a new Volvo. Once you have purchased a new vehicle, you want to keep it in top shape for as long as you own it. To help keep new Volvo owners and Volvo of Burlingame customers informed on how the best maintain their new vehicles, we have put together this list of when to get service done, so your new car will run like new for as long as you own it.

Look over the following list and make yourself some reminders to get your vehicle serviced whenever…

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