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Choosing Car Wax from Volvo Cars of Burlingame

Regardless of the type of car you drive in Burlingame, putting a fresh coat of wax on it can improve its appearance and protect it from the elements. Applying wax three times per year can keep a hydrophobic surface on your vehicle that will make it easy to wash and keep it looking great between cleanings.

Wax should be applied after a cleaning, but don't make the mistake of polishing right afterwards. 

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The Design and Performance of the Volvo XC40 Momentum

The Volvo XC40 in the Momentum trim is a compact-sized SUV. It is especially designed to give you a safe driving experience in city driving. The Momentum trim is intended to give the Volvo XC40 a contemporary Scandinavian exterior appearance.

While the Volvo XC40 Momentum certainly provides an exquisite exterior design, the performance and interior design are also well worth noting. The Volvo XC40 has a turbocharged Drive-E engine that is a low emission engine that provides superior fuel economy. 

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Possible Causes of Vehicle Overheating

Overheating is a common problem in vehicles that can cause serious damage to a vehicle engine. There are several reasons that your vehicle may begin to overheat. Some are more common than others.

A very common cause of car overheating is due to lack of coolant or coolant that is in the vehicle but is not mixed properly. 

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Tips for Safely Avoiding a Tire Blowout in Your Car

The best way to reduce the chances of a tire blowing out on your vehicle is to start paying closer attention to the warning signs. Here are signs the car tire may be closer to failing than you think.

Look closely at the treads on the tire more often. By looking at the tires once a week, you could spot things like bulges, cracks, or obstructions in the tire, all which could lead to a tire failure.

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Signs Car Belts and Hoses are Close to Failing

One of the ways you can avoid your vehicle overheating and breaking down on the side of the road is to carefully pay attention to the condition of the belts and hoses around the engine. Here are some warning signs these parts might be close to failing.

The hoses carry coolant to many parts of the engine, so if they burst or leak, those parts could fail. 

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What are Gaskets?

There are a number of components that keep your engine together and make it run efficiently. For one, the engine block and cylinder are held together by a head gasket. This is a piece of fitted metal that has holes bored through it that fit around the pistons. The gasket forms a seal for the engine and cylinder, allowing it to compress.

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Giving Another Car a Jump Start

You can jump start another car without much hassle or time at all as long as you have some jumper cables and other car that runs. If a car will not start because its battery is dead, then all you have to do is hook up the jumper cables to a running car to give it a charge.

The terminals on your car battery are labeled as either positive or negative. 

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Avoid Hydroplaning with New Tires

Hydroplaning is a dangerous driving situation caused by water under your car's tires becoming too excessive for the weight of your car to push it aside. This causes your tires to lose contact with the surface of the road. This can be like driving on ice and lead to your vehicle fishtailing or spinning out.

The depth of the tread on your tires directly affects the amount of water they can shunt away to maintain contact with the road. 

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Reading Tire Sizes Is Easier Than You Might Think

Since your tires are what make contact with the road while you drive it is only natural that they would suffer from some of the heaviest wear and tear out of all of the systems on your vehicle. At some point you will be faced with having to replace them. When that time comes it is helpful to know how to read the size that is printed on the sidewalls.

This can be an intimidating thing if you have never learned how to break down the code, but once you get it figured out it really isn't that difficult…

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Effect of Serpentine Belts on Transmission

Engine transmission accessories are as important as the engine itself, but how many of us do really consider these parts with such importance? Take for example the serpentine belt. This belt is responsible for transferring power generated from the crankshaft to all engine accessories. As a result, if the serpentine belt is worn out or breaks, it results in engine overheating and losing the powered steering and charging system.

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